10 Jul 2013


Don´t know....

....how I could not have noticed this book before. 

The Rizzoli Bookshop at Somerset House can make someone with a passion for photography and fashion (okay, I am talking about myself) very happy. 
Well, if fashion and books are not a good investment, then what is? My closet and bookshelves would definitely agree.

So last time I went strolling through the shop I discovered Dazed & Confused - Making it up as we go along, a collection of the magazine's most remarkable covers and features. 

Some of these photographs are well know and are often seen on the walls of galleries. While making their way into our collective memory their original context often gets lost and the pictures appear as the work of a single author. Embedded within the pages of the magazine the collaborative quality of fashion photography is enhanced.  

Nick Knight's 'Access-Able' pictures of Aimee Mullens in the Alexander McQueen issue belong to my all time favourites. Startling and yet aesthetic these photographs intend to break the rules of what is acceptable in a lifestyle/fashion-magazine whilst conveying messages that go beyond the commercial strategy of shock.     

Considering that the '90s are back in fashion (predictably; though, who was actually prepared for that return?) the book is also a source of style inspiration.    

Dazed & Confused - Making it up as we go along. Hack, Jefferson/Furniss, Jo-Ann (Ed.). New York, 2011.

Rankin. Kate Moss. Styling by Katie Grand. June 1998.
Olins, Josh. The Amsterdam Chainsaw Massacre. Styling by Katie Shilingford. February 2010.
Knight, Nick. Access-Able. Styling by Katie England. September 1998.
Rankin. TV is Boring. Styling by Katie Grand. 1994. 

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  1. Anonymous7/16/2013

    We should all pray the 90s don't make a comeback... people already look ridiculous enough without 90s fashion in the mix.