5 Aug 2013


The story goes on...

...as I am back from my self-prescribed writing break. Yes, I have not written a single word for almost two weeks. After I got rid of my guilty conscience - that annoying but constant companion of mine -  I enjoyed not thinking about how to put down in words what I am seeing while I am seeing it.

So, let me collect my memories of the Philip-Lorca diCorcia exhibition that I visited during a trip to my hometown Frankfurt. 

First of all, I have always been intrigued by that name. Writing or reading it is never the same as hearing it or saying "Philip-Lorca diCorcia" out loud. The poetic sound cannot be denied. In the same way his pictures are captivating and enigmatic.    

DiCorcia tells stories that remain mysteries.
The distinctive mix of documentary and fiction, natural and artificial lighting, emotion and construction, and the singular moment and an untold narrative creates an ambivalent as well as mesmerising effect.
The photographs seem to tell the beholder as much about the outside world as about himself/herself, appearing simultaneously familiar and unfamiliar. 

In this sense it almost feels like returning home. It is beautiful yet bizarre that stories always go on.

Philip-Lorca DiCorcia. Photographs 1975-2012. Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt. 20 June - 8 September 2013. 

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